1. Be sure the copier is turned on. If the screen is black, tap the Power button and give the copier a minute to warm up.
  2. Card login: Scan your employee key card, tap Login. Register your card if it is the first time to login.
  3. Manual login
    • Tap the User Name window, type your email user name (without the, tap OK
    • Tap the Password window, type your email password (case sensitive), tap OK, tap Login


  1. Place single multiple copies face up in the document feeder, or lift the lid and place your item face down vertically on the glass. Save trees! Consider scan and send via email for an electronic copy.
  2. Tap Copy
  3. Tap Details to choose single (simplex) or double (duplex) sided, color or black & white, staple, hole punch, and other finishing options if available. Save trees! Print double sided, black&white when possible.
  4. Tap OK.
  5. Choose the number of copies from the keypad.
  6. Press the green Start button on the keypad.

Copier locations (bold=for student use)

  1. Library (color)
  2. US teachers workroom (2)
  3. Rotunda (room behind the old rotunda computer)
  4. Science office (color)
  5. Science lobby
  6. MS teachers workroom (2)
  7. Learning center (color)
  8. 6th grade hall (coming soon)
  9. MS office (MS staff only)
  10. US office (US staff only)
  11. Business office (business only)
  12. Facilities office (facilities only)
  13. Development (development only)
  14. Admissions (admissions only)
  15. Communications (color) (communications only)
  16. Athletic office (athletic staff only)

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