Step 1: Print with AirPrint

  1. Tap the share icon and choose Print. You might have to tap AirPrint now depending on the application you are printing from.
  2. In the Printer Options window, tap Select Printer. Tap GPS_Airprint. Wait a few seconds for the Password window.
  3. In the Password window, type your GPS user name (without the and password.
  4. Back in the Printer Options window, tap Print (on the top right). Options like number of copies, double sided, color will be selected at the copy machine.

Step 2: Collect your print job from any copier


  1. Card login: Scan your employee key card, tap Login. The first time you scan your card, you will get a message saying “Your ID Card is unknown. Please login with your user name and password to register your ID card.” Manually login with step 2, and next time your card will automatically log you in.
  2. Manual login
    • Tap the username window, type your email user name (without the, tap OK
    • Tap the password window, type your email password (use capital letter where needed), tap OK, tap Login


  1. Tap Secure Print.
  2. Tap Refresh if your job is not listed.
  3. Tap to select the job you wish to print, or if there are several jobs, tap several lines or the Select All button.
  4. Tap Details to choose single (simplex) or double (duplex) sided. The default is B&W and double sided (duplex).  Other choices include color, staple, hole punch, and other finishing options if available.
  5. Tap OK.
  6. Tap Print and Delete or Print and Save (saved in the system for 72 hours).

To Copy, click here. To Scan, click here.

Alternative method Email to Print 

  • Email the document/photo from any app to
  • To print an email, forward the email to
  • The body of the message and attachments will print separately. The attachments may take a little longer to print.
  • Your job will not print unless it is sent from a GPS email account. To change your default mail account, open Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Default Account > Choose GPS (or Exchange)
  • Depending on the size of the email, it may take a minute to appear on the copier machine. Tap Refresh if you do not see your email. See Step 2 below to release your print job from any copy machine.

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