The color copier in the Communications and Marketing department has an advanced color matching computer attached to it called a Fiery Print server. The main purpose of the Fiery is to provide professional color and consistency. To keep the consistency level high between prints it is recommended to calibrate the copier every couple of weeks or when mismatch of colors are noted.

  1. Use your key card to log in to the color copier
  2. On the touch screen, tap Show All
  3. Tap Printer
  4. Tap Printer Server Status
  5. Tap Functions
  6. Scroll down to the second page by tapping the DOWN arrow key
  7. Tap Calibration
  8. Tap Calibrate
  9. Tap Print Measurement Page
  10. Tap Yes
  11. On the copier itself, push the physical button that says Status Monitor/Cancel
  12. Back on the touch screen, tap OK

    A color sheet that will be used for calibration should now be printing
  13. Redo steps 2-7 above, then tap Measure Page
  14. Tap Yes
  15. Place the copier’s color strip and color sheet you just printer on the scan glass and lower the scanner lid. (see video)
  16. Tap Done
  17. When it asks to Print Comparison Page, tap No*
  18. When it asks to Apply/Overwrite, tap Yes
  19. When it informs you that this will affect all users, tap Yes
  20. Now you may either print a job or log out.

* The calibration process does not compare your previous settings to your new settings, but rather the new settings to the Canon default settings. Such a comparison is irrelevant to the outcome we are trying to achieve.



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