IMG_1590Copiers are distributed throughout the GPS campus. Click here for locations.

Step 1: Send your print job to the copier

    Method 1: Add the printer to your printer list

  1. Adding this printer will allow you to print to any new GPS copier.
  2. Click on start > My Computer. In the address bar, type \\server2. Double click the printer PC_Secure_Print to begin the installation. This will allow you to print on ANY new copy machine. A popup window might appear – be sure to choose the Trust button.
  3. It has now installed a new printer called PC_Secure_Print.
  4. Go to any (new) GPS copier to print – see Step 2 below. This ability to print your job at any copier is called Follow Me Printing.

    Method 2: Email to print 

        When to use email to print

  • Send print jobs from home and have the job waiting to print out the next morning (up to 72 hours).
  • Print emails and/or attachments to an email.
  • Email to print is also used to print from your iPad or iPhone, click here for instructions.

        How to use email to print

  1. To print an email or the attachments, forward the email to
  2. To print a document, photo, etc., attach it to an email addressed to
  3. The body of the message and attachments will print separately. The attachments may take a little longer to show in the print list on the copier.
  4. Your job will not print unless it is sent from a GPS email account.
  5. Depending on the size of the email, it may take a minute to appear on the copier machine. Tap Refresh if you do not see your email. See Step 2 below to release your print job from any copy machine

Step 2: Print your print job from any copier


  1. You can print your print job from any GPS copier – see locations below
  2. Be sure the copier is turned on. If the screen is black, tap the Power button and give the copier a minute to warm up.
  3. Card login: Scan your employee key card, tap Login. The first time you scan your card, you will get a message saying “Your ID Card is unknown. Please login with your user name and password to register your ID card.” Follow the Manual login #4.
  4. Manual login
    • Tap the username window, type your email user name (without the, tap OK
    • Tap the password window, type your email password (case sensitive), tap OK, tap Login


  1. Tap Secure Print.
  2. Tap Refresh if your job is not listed.
  3. Tap to highlight the job you wish to print, or if there are several jobs, tap several lines or the Select All button.
  4. If you are printing an email, the attachments and the email will show as separate jobs. If you wish to print only the attachments, delete the .txt or .hml file.
  5. Tap Details to choose single (simplex) or double (duplex) sided, color or black & white, staple, hole punch, and other finishing options if available. Save trees! Print double sided, black&white when possible.
  6. Tap OK.
  7. Tap Print and Save (saved for 72 hours) or Print and Delete.

Copy or Scan

Click the menu button on the left and choose Copy or Scan.

 Faculty copier Locations (bold=for student use)

  1. Library (color)
  2. US teachers workroom (1)
  3. Alcove across from the Bow
  4. Science office (color)
  5. Science lobby
  6. MS teachers workroom (2, one color)
  7. 8th grade hall
  8. 6th grade hall

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