In the event that your GPS-purchased iPad or laptop is damaged or not working properly, please do not use a third-party (non-Apple affiliated) repair service, as you could inadvertently void the warranty.

To begin the repair process, please choose from the 2 options below, depending on whether the MacBook Air was purchased from GPS or on your own.

Option 1: If your MacBook Air was purchased from GPS

If your laptop is not working properly or suffered accidental damage, contact or bring it to the IT department in the library.

Be sure to back up your laptop, if possible, with Time Machine, Crash Plan, or a cloud account such as Google Drive or Dropbox before having it repaired!

Please note: There is a $100 deductible for each accidental damage claim. You will be billed by GPS through FACTS when the laptop returns from repair.

Option 2: If your MacBook Air was purchased on your own

Be sure to back up your laptop, if possible, before having it repaired!

Step 1: Return to the place of purchase to see if they can repair the laptop.

Step 2: Take your laptop to any authorized Apple repair service such as MacAuthority in Chattanooga or any Apple Retail Store.

Questions? Please contact

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Apple retail store list:

MacAuthority Chattanooga:


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