Please export files from all your active Blackboard courses.
If you have all your files on your computer, there is no need to export.

Blackboard will no longer be available after June 15th.

Option 1: Save specific files and items

  1. If you would like to save some, but not all, files from a Blackboard course, download each file individually and save it to your computer.
  2. For items you typed directly into Blackboard like announcements, assignment instructions, or discussion board instructions, copy and paste the item from Blackboard to a new document and save on your computer.

Option 2: Export your entire class from Blackboard to your computer

Exporting your class should export files you attached to assignments along with other posts, pictures, tests from Respondus, and other items.

  1. Log in to Blackboard at
  2. Open the Blackboard class you would like to export.
  3. In the left column under Class Management, click on Packages and Utilities.
  4. Click on Export/Archive Class.Screen_Shot_2015-05-13_at_10_41_22_AM
  5.  In the Export/Archive Class window, click on Export Package.Screen_Shot_2015-05-26_at_12_27_06_PM
  6. In the Export Class window under option 3, Select Class Materials, choose Select All to export all content areas. Click Submit.Screen_Shot_2015-05-26_at_12_30_13_PM
  7. You will receive the message below at the top of your screen advising you that the export process has begun. This process usually takes less than a minute. Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.54.42 AM
  8. Click the Refresh button (under the Export Package button) to check if your export is complete. It will appear once it is available. Locate the file named ExportFile_your course name_….zip with the date you exported your course. If the filename does not start with ExportFile_ repeat this step and be careful to click on the Export Package button and not the Archive Class.
  9. Hover on the filename with your cursor and click the gray down arrow next to the exported file name (ending with .zip). Click Open. This will download the file to your Downloads folder. Move the downloaded file from Downloads to a location of your choosing.Screen_Shot_2015-05-26_at_3_06_12_PM
  10. Double click the downloaded file (Mac and PC) to reveal the downloaded course contents.
  11. There will be many types of files and folders, some unfamiliar.  Click on all the folders to open them (including nested folders). Save the content you wish to reuse.
  12. Quick tip: Use the search function to find files and media in the exported folders. For example, search for .jpeg, .docx, or specific file names.

If you are a heavy user of Blackboard, or if you need help, please contact, and we will be happy to help you with this process or answer any questions.

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