Grade book setup should be done before adding any assignments to your course. 

  • Sign in to MyGPS, click on your first course, and click the Grade Book tab. 
  • Click the Edit Setup button.

Set by: Choose Year or Marking Period

Important notes:

  • It is not possible to switch the grade book setup from Year to Marking Period after the first few weeks of school.
  • For both Year and Marking Period setups, the 2nd-semester grade reports will show only the marking period grades, not the year cumulative grades.  Final grades for the year are set to calculate 50% first semester and 50% second semester.

Setting up by Year

This setup method allows you to set up your grade book with the same assignment types, weight distributions and calculation method for the entire year across all marking periods. This option also allows you to display and view the Year Cumulative for students in addition to seeing the Marking Period Cumulative.  Using this method will also display a (GB) to the teacher when they are creating assignments, showing which assignment types they have used in the grade book as well as set defaults for the individual assignment types (Max Points). 

Setting up by Marking Period

This option is for one semester courses, or if you will have different set ups for each marking period.  You can use different calculation methods, different assignment types, and distribute the weights differently per marking period.

Choosing a Calculation Method

One of the most important steps in your Grade book set up, this portion is responsible for how the student’s grade is calculated, what factors are included in the calculation, and ultimately how you will distribute points on your assignments.

Below is a breakdown of each calculation method, which can be viewed by clicking the small blue i next to Calculation Method. Please see your department head for advice on choosing a calculation method.

Adding your assignment types

Choose assignment types you would like to be included in your Grade Book calculations.

  • Click Select assignment types and check off the assignments you would like to add to your set up.  Don’t worry, if you miss one, you can always add more later.
  • After adding the assignments, if you chose either the Total Points with Weight or Percentages, you’ll need to enter each assignments weight for your course.  It’s very important that your weight percentages add up to 100%.

Number to Drop (per marking period) – optional

In this text box you can enter the number of assignments you would like to be dropped from a students grade.  The system will automatically drop that number of assignments (provided there are 1 or more assignments above the number you entered) with the lowest grades from the student’s calculation.  

Default Max Points

You can put the default max points for each assignment type so when you create a new assignment and choose the assignment type, the max points will be filled in with this value by default.

If you were using Percentages, this value would always be 100.

Copy Gradebook Setup to Other Sections

If you would like to copy your grade book settings to another section, scroll to the bottom and place a checkmark in front of Other Sections to Apply.

Click Save or Save and Close.


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