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Doodle is a great app for finding a common time to schedule a meeting or to create time slots for parent conferences.

There are 4 Steps to create your Doodle:

  • Schedule an Event
  • Propose Times
  • Choose Settings
  • Invite Participants

Schedule an Event

  1. Go to the Doodle website
  2. Create an account (optional).
  3. Click the (salmon) pink Create Doodle poll button.
  4. Fill out the Title, Location, and an optional note (participants will see this information).
  5. Click Continue.

Propose Times

  1. Choose the Dates: Click on the dates in the calendar to select – they turn pink as they are selected.
  2. Choose the Times: Click Start and enter the time slot start time. Click End to enter the time slot end time. Click + Add more times to add other time slots. Click Need different times for each day if applicable. Do not click Continue yet!

Choose Settings

  1. Settings are optional. Click the Settings button to regulate participant choice.
  2. Setting options are in Figure 1 below. Choose Limit participants to a single vote for parent conferences.
  3. Click Confirm when done.

    Figure 1 Settings (click to enlarge)

  4. You will be back to the calendar window. Click Continue.
  5. Add your name and email address. Click Finish.

Invite Participants

  1. The window in Figure 2 will open with options to invite participants and a preview of your poll.
  2. Click the Edit button at the top to return to the beginning and edit your poll. Click More to export, delete, or print your poll.
  3. Click on Copy to copy the link to your Doodle.
    • Option 1: Open your email, fill in email addresses, write a note and paste the link.
    • Option 2: Go to MyGPS, select your course, click the Roster tab. Send communication to > Parents > the message window will open, Click Send via Email, an email window will open with parents in the BCC field. Type your message and paste the link.
    • Option 3: For small groups, click the Email tab instead of copy. Enter email addresses and send an invitation to the poll.

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