Due to some of the settings that are unique to Windows 7, there is a more complex process for getting your computer to connect to GPSWireless. Follow the steps below and you should only have to perform these steps once.

Windows 7:

Click Start.

Search for “Manage wireless” and select “Manage Wireless Networks”

Click on the “Add” button in the upper left.

Click Manually Create a Network Profile.

Network name enter GPSWireless. Be sure to capitalize the G P S W. If this isn’t an exact match it won’t work.

Security type drop down menu select WPA2-Enterprise.

Click Next.

Click on Change Connection Settings.

Click on the Security tab on the next window.

Click on the Settings button in the middle of the page.

Un-check the Validate Server Certificate box.

Next click the Configure button under the Select Authentication Method heading.

Un-check the box next to Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any).

Click OK.

Click OK again.

Click on the Advanced Settings button in the lower part of the window.

Check the box next to Specify Authentication Mode.

In the dropdown below, select User Authentication.

Click the Save Credentials button.

Enter your GPS email address without the @gps.edu and the password for your email.

Click OK.

Click OK again.

Click OK just one more time.

Click Close.

If your credentials have been entered correctly, you are now connected to GPSWireless. If your credentials were incorrect you can click on the WiFi logo in the lower right hand corner and click on GPSWireless and enter them again.

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