The New Bruisers & Parents Group is available to all new Bruisers from 6th grade through 12th. This group will provide all the information you need to be ready for school in August.

Step 1: Login to MyGPS

Please use the following link to access the MyGPS portal: Type in either your student or parent user name and password (Parents if it is your first time logging in, click here).

Step 2: Open the New Bruisers group


Figure 1 New Bruisers & Parents Group access (click to expand)

Click on the Groups tab and click on New Bruisers & Parents (2017-18).

Step 3: View the Bulletin Board and Topics tabs

Bulletin Board

Click on the Bulletin Board tab for upcoming dates and events, downloads, and links.


Click on the Topics tab to view over 12 topics – be sure to check back since more may be added! Click on each topic to open a page of information. Topics include the calendar, billing, contacts, uniforms, supply list, iPads & laptops, and transportation. See example below from the 2016-17 school year.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 9.21.37 AM

Figure 2 New Bruisers & Parents Topics example (click to expand)



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