The Pearson Password for all new students in the class of 2022 and younger is Bruisers1906.
The Pearson Password for all other students is bruisers2013.

Pearson Website for registration, class setup, and eBook access
Global cultures go to SuccessNetPlus

Math and Science uses SuccessNet


  • Students will not have access to the ebook online until added to the class by the teacher.
  • Access from an iPad: Students download the Pearson eText app pictured above from Self Service on their iPad. Sign in with the password above.
  • Access from a Mac: use the websites above and sign in with your password listed above. You might have to switch from last-year’s book to this year’s along the top.


  • Teachers should create an account with Pearson before they can access their Pearson products. Click on the Pearson link for your subject above to register with Pearson. The GPS School code is  52-54-13
  • All teachers can use the Pearson eText iPad app to access their eBook, or Mac access is via the links above.
  • Book access: use the websites above or the Pearson eText iPad app
  • Add classes: Login to the Pearson website to choose your book and add your classes. First add each section of your class (e.g., Math 6 B). Next add students to the class – search by first or last name. Be sure to try different versions of their name if you can’t find the student.
  • Once students are added to your class they will have access to the eBook.
  • It is not necessary to do anything in your Pearson class other than add the students.

Please contact for help with Pearson products.

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