Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.05.27 AMVocaroo is a basic online audio recorder, uploader, and audio sharing website. 

Instructions for Recording

  1. Go to on your Browser (Chrome is recommended).
  2. Create a new audio file (Go to #3) or upload an existing file: Click the “Or upload?” button to open an existing file from your computer.
  3. Click the “Click to Record” button. Say yes to allow access to your computer’s microphone. Click Allow for Adobe Flash Player and you will be recording.
  4. End the recording by clicking on Click to Stop. Click Listen and/or Retry if you are not happy with the recording.Screen_Shot_2016-08-31_at_10_16_46_AM
  5. When you are happy with the recording, click Click here to save.
  6. Sharing options include
    1. Create a QR Code: the code will open in a new tab. Save image (iPad) or drag to your desktop. Print the code or include in a document. Scanning the QR code with a phone or iPad will open a mini Vocaroo site to play the recording. Try this free Scan app.
    2. Share the link: copy and paste the link anywhere
    3. Embed: Copy and paste the embed code in a blog or website
    4. Share via email: email from Vocaroo or your personal email account
    5. Share on social media: click to open the selected media type
    6. Download as an MP3 or other file type.Screen_Shot_2016-08-29_at_9_34_49_AM

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