All GPS students and employees have access to a GPS Google Apps account. If you are logging into your GPS Google Drive account for the first time, you will connect through MyGPS.

For more information on Google Drive and G Suite for Education, click here.

How to create your GPS Google Apps account

  1. Open Chrome. If you have a personal Gmail account, be sure to log out of that account (instructions below)
  2. Open Chrome (add the Chrome browser here) and login to MyGPS. iPad users open Safari.
  3. Click the Google Drive button (to the left of Official Notes).
  4. Click Accept. 
  5. iPad users only: Tap No Thanks.
  6. You now have access to Google Drive and all the Google Apps. The easiest way to get back to Google Drive anytime is to type in Chrome.
  7. iPad users can download and login to any of the Google Apps which are available on Self Service. Tap the 3 lines icon on the top left in each Google app to check your login account.

Laptop users: Do you already have a Gmail account?

If you already have a personal Google account (probably Gmail), it is best to use Chrome for your GPS account and another browser (Safari or Firefox) for your personal Gmail account. That way when a teacher or student shares a file with you from GPS, Chrome won’t see an open personal account and block the sharing.

To log out of your personal account in Chrome

Go to, and on the top right you will see an icon with your image or a letter. Click on the icon and sign out of your personal Gmail account before logging into your GPS account.

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