All GPS students and employees now have a GPS Google Apps account. This account gives you access to Google Drive for online file & media backup (with unlimited storage space!) and Google Apps for Education (now called G Suite) including Docs, Sheets, Slides, YouTube, etc. 

Google Drive is so much more than online storage. It provides the following 3 major features as part of our G Suite for Education account:

(1) Google Drive cloud-based storage

Google Drive is a cloud-based (online) storage area for all your files, folders, and media. All types of files can be uploaded to Google Drive from any device and organized in color-coded folders. The benefits of cloud-based storage include
  • Your files are available from anywhere (at school and at home).
  • Files are backed up automatically when stored in Google Drive.
  • Your Google App documents are saved instantly when changes are made.
  • Any files of any type in Google Drive can be shared with others in the school or people outside of school.
  • You can use Google Drive on practically any device with an internet connection (laptop, iPad, phone).
Click here to connect and login to your GPS Google Apps account from MyGPS.

(2) Google Apps online

Teachers and students can create, share, and collaborate from Google Drive by using the Google collection of apps. The blue Google Drive NEW button is the springboard for Google Docs (word processing), Sheets (spreadsheets), Forms (surveys, quizzes, etc.), Slides (presentations), Drawings, and many other apps. All work in Google Apps is automatically saved, shareable, and available from any device. screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-8-21-17-am

(3) Google Drive on your device

When you install Google Drive for Mac or PC, a folder called Google Drive is created on your computer. This folder syncs bidirectionally with Google Drive online. When you move files to the Google Drive folder on your computer, those files are then also available in your Google Drive online. If you make any changes to these files, those changes reflect in Google Drive online, and also across any other computers or mobile devices you’re using with your Google Drive account.

Directions on how to install Google Drive are available here.

Similarly, if you add files to your My Drive folder in Google Drive on the web, those files also appear on your computer’s Google Drive folder and sync to all your Drive-enabled devices. If you don’t want to sync everything in your online My Drive folder, you can use the Google Drive for Mac/PC preferences to specify which folders to sync; click here for directions.

Quick introduction to Google Drive and sharing

Meet the new Google Drive


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