Did you know that Turnitin, in addition to checking for plagiarism, is an easy and amazing way to grade student work submitted to MyGPS? This tutorial will walk you through how to set up a Turnitin assignment in my GPS and grade online.

See videos for the Mac and iPad below.

Adding an assignment

  1. Login to MyGPS and open a class.  Click on the Assignments tab, then the +Assignments to add a new assignment.
  2. Set up the assignment as you would normally, but under File Submission, choose Turnitin. Click Save.
  3. The assignment name will have a link underneath for Turnitin Setup. Click on Turnitin Setup. The Turnitin assignment window will open (or just click the blue name of the assignment)

    Figure 1: Turnitin Settings (click to expand picture)

Adjusting the Turnitin assignment settings and optional settings

  1. Click on the Settings tab from within the Turnitin assignment inbox. The basic settings come from the original assignment setup (gray boxes) with the exception of 2 items
    • Allow submissions of any file type: Choose No if students will submit a basic document like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Google docs, etc.; submissions will be checked for originality. Choose Yes for multi-media submissions; submissions will be checked for originality where possible.
    • Feedback Release Date can be adjusted.
  2. Click Submit if you are done. Click Optional Settings to continue. Hover over the blue question mark by each setting for an explanation.
  3. NOTE: If resubmissions are allowed, each resubmission will replace the one before it. If your students will be submitting several drafts, teachers should create a separate assignment for each draft. 
  4. When all settings are complete, click Submit.


Scroll down for a 6-minute video: Turnitin Feedback Studio Instructor Commenting Tools

  1. Click on the underlined assignment in your class Assignment Center to open the Turnitin assignment.
  2.  Information provided for each student includes the Author, Paper Title, Paper ID, Date Uploaded, Grading icon, % Matching, Download, and Delete.

    Figure 2 Turnitin submission box (click to enlarge)


  3. Click the blue grading pencil to open the assignment in the Feedback Grading Studio.
  4. Click anywhere in the document to reveal the In Context Marking Tool.  These tools include Quickmarks (canned text options), Comments, or Inline Text. **Please see below to personalize and share Quickmarks.

    Figure 3 In Context Marking Tool (click to enlarge)

  5. Comments can include Text, Voice, and Links.
  6. Expand the sidebar by clicking any icon on the right. In Figure 4 below, the Feedback Summary icon was clicked, which expanded the sidebar to show the area for Voice Comments or Text Comments. The Quickmarks button will allow you to edit Quickmarks. The Rubric button will show your grading rubric, which must be attached using the More Options button under Settings for the assignment.

    Figure 4 Expanded Sidebar (click to enlarge)


  7. Especially great and time-saving feature: A rubric can be attached and used to grade the document. As you grade using a rubric, your comments can be attached to your rubric criteria. Please click here for How to Create, Attach, and Grade using a Turnitin Assignment Rubric and click here for Turnitin’s Commenting Tools Guide.
  8. When done grading, record a grade on the paper (so your student will see it) and also in the grade box at the top of the window to add the grade to your grade book. Click the “X” to close the grading window and return to the assignment page – your changes are saved. The grade will appear next to the blue pencil icon. The student will now be able to see (or hear) all your comments.

**How to personalize and share Quickmarks

  1. Click the Quickmarks button on the sidebar    (or within the student’s paper), and click the Manage Quickmarks gear icon .
  2. On the top left of the Manage Quickmarks box, click the 3 lines icon and choose Create New Set. Type a name for your set and click Save.  Click the 3 lines icon again and choose your new set to open it. Click the white + sign to create a Quickmark.  Alternatively, save quickmarks to your new Set as you are grading.
  3. From the same dropdown menu, select a set and click Download Set to share it with others. There is also an Upload Set to upload shared sets.

Turnitin Feedback Studio Instructor Commenting Tools

Turnitin Feedback Studio for iPad

More resources

Please click here for How to Create, Attach, and Grade using a Turnitin Assignment Rubric

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