Google Sharing Basics

  • Any type of file can be stored in Google Drive on your computer and online.
  • Non-Google files like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, can be shared from Google Drive, but the files can not be edited in Drive, either by the user or collaboratively. Microsoft files must be downloaded and edited in the corresponding application.
  • To share and edit non-Google files, they should first be converted to a Google format. To convert a file, select it in Google Drive > click the 3 dots icon > click Open with > choose the corresponding Google application.

How to share a file or folder on a Mac

  • Files can be shared on the Mac from the Google Drive app or any other Google app.
  • To share from Google Drive, select the file or folder and click the share button screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-14-53-pm or  screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-15-08-pm.
  • The Share with others window opens. Click Advanced. Click Change.
  • Choose the link sharing option: best choices include Anyone with the link or Anyone at GPS with the link. Choose the access level: View, Share, or Comment. Click Save.

    Figure 1: Link sharing (click to expand)

  • In the Invite People window, type the email addresses of people you are sharing with. Click on Add message if desired. Note the options at the bottom of the window.

    Figure 2: Invite people (click to expand)

How to share a file or folder on the iPad

  • Any Google file can be shared and edited as a group in real time.
  • Non-Google files can be shared but not collaboratively edited.
  • Files can be shared on the iPad from the Google Drive app or any other Google app
  • On the app main page, tap the 3 dots next to the file or folder to be shared and tap Add People.
  • An Add people window opens. Tap the 3 dots on the top right and tap Who has access.
  • Tap on Link sharing is OFF to toggle it to Link sharing is ON. Tap the eye icon and choose Can edit (or comment, view).

    Figure 3: Change link sharing (Click to enlarge)

  • Tap the back arrow. Now access is changed to: Anyone with the link at can edit.
  • Tap on People and enter the email addresses of people you wish to share with. Type an optional message. Tap the paper airplane icon to send the email. Close the sharing window.
    Figure 2: Adding people

    Figure 4: Adding people (Click to enlarge)

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