dancing-dave-minion-510835_640What is a stop motion movie?

Stop motion (also known as stop action) is an animation technique to make any object you choose appear to move on its own. The object is moved or manipulated slightly in small increments and captured in individually photographed frames. This creates the illusion of movement when a series of frames is played as a continuous sequence.

What kind of objects can be used?

Legos, clay, bendable wire, small objects, toys, paper cutouts, people, almost anything.

Quick Instructions

  1. Open Stop Motion Studio
    Stop Motion Studio iPad App

    Stop Motion Studio
    iPad App

  2. Tap the + sign stopmotion_help_stopmotion_startto begin a new project.
  3. Stop Motion would like access to your camera: tap OK.
  4. Tap the Camera settings (3 dots) top right: be sure autofocus is enabled.
  5. Tap Settings (gear icon) and change the Movie Speed (start with about 8 frames per second).
  6. Take pictures while holding your iPad or iPhone horizontally: move your object in tiny increments and tap the red Capture Image button to take a picture OR click the Timer to capture images automatically at regular intervals.
  7. Click on Help ? at any time to bring up the help menu with button labels.

Stop Motion Studio Instructions

This link has complete instructions from Stop Motion Studio help: http://www.cateater.com/support/en/stopmotion/stopmotion-main.html


Image: Pixabay Creative Commons CC0

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