Teacher dilemma: “I need to send a message to the 8th grade class, and because it has an attachment, I can’t use MyGPS. What do I need to do to send this e-mail?”

  • MyGPS allows teachers, coaches, or group leaders to send bulk communication to class or group members from the roster (or advisees) tab.
  • The bulk communication can be sent as an email if you need to add attachments or allow replies.
  • Replies to messages are sent to all recipients (like a group text), whereas replies to email with recipients in the BCC field will only be sent to the original sender or those in the To: or CC: field (not BCC).

Directions to convert a bulk message to email

  1. In MyGPS go to the class or group. Click on the Roster tab, then Bulk Communication: Members (or Parents, All, etc.).
  2. When the message window opens, click Send via email, then click Open list in email client.
  3. This will open the message in your email with the recipients in BCC, and it can be treated as a regular email.

If your email opens in Apple mail (not Outlook), here are directions to make Outlook your default email

  1. To use this option, you must have the Outlook app setup.
  2. Run the Mail  application.
  3. On the Mail menu at the top of the screen, click Preferences.
  4. Click the General tab.
  5. For the Default email reader, select Microsoft Outlook app.
  6. Repeat Directions to convert above.


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