Middle School advisors can select and approve course requests for students registering for 7th and 8th grade.

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  1. Login to MyGPS, click on Groups, then your Advisory, then the Course Requests tab.
  2. Your advisees will be listed on the left. Once a student adds courses, Awaiting Requests will change to Awaiting Approval.
  3. Click on the Pencil icon on the far left to open the student’s selection panel.

    Figure 1 Course Requests, edit student record (click to enlarge)

  4. Directions for the current year’s course selections process are at the top of the window according to graduation year. Click the 7  or 8 to expand the course choices for that grade.
  5. Advisors can select courses for the student by clicking the Request button to the left of a course name. This adds the course to the Selected Requests side panel on the right. The course will be Pending. Click Approve, and the red X will be replaced by a green checkmark.
  6. To remove the request, click the red X on the far right or click the remove icon on the far left. To add a note, click the yellow sticky note on the right side (next to the red x).
  7. If there are already courses in the Selected Requests side panel, click the Approve button or the red X to delete.

    Figure 2 Request, approve, and delete courses (click to enlarge)


  8. Save your requests by clicking the blue Save button in the lower right corner.
  9. There are 2 quick steps to delete an approved course: Click Pending, then click the blue Save button. Next, click the red X to delete the course, then click Save again.

Registration for 8th-grade courses only

  1. To add an alternate to a Fine Arts course, click the +Add Alternate, begin to type in the name of the course and click enter when it appears.
  2. Save your requests by clicking the blue Save button in the lower right corner.

3 Minute Video How to Approve or Register as a MS Advisor

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