A PDF is a final version of a document All students, teachers, and staff have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro through the self-service app. 

Since PDFs are a final version of a document, be sure to observe copyright permissions.

Scroll down for a 1-minute video.

How to convert a PDF to a Word document

  1. Save the PDF to your desktop.
  2. Open Acrobat Pro. On the top left, click the Tools tab. Under Export PDF, click Open.
  3. An Export your PDF to any format window will open. Be sure Microsoft Word is selected. Click Select a File. In the window that opens, click Desktop on the left column,  select your PDF, and click Open.
  4. Back in the Export your PDF to any format window, click Export.
  5. The Export window will open. Click on the folder where you want your export saved to – either the Desktop or click Choose a Folder.
  6. Once you select the folder, a small export window opens with Word Document format selected. Rename your file if desired and click Save.
  7. The Word file will be on your desktop or in your desired folder.

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