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With new releases in June/July 2017, the grade book in MyGPS has been enhanced with new features. Please note: onCampus is the brand name for MyGPS.

MyGPS Gradebook Improvements Video from Blackbaud.

Gradebook Setup

Remember to setup your grade books before adding assignments! 

  • Click Edit Setup in your grade book. 
  • Click the blue i for an explanation of the calculation methods: total points, weighted total points, or percentages.
  • Click Select assignment types (formerly “edit”) to select the types of assignments used in your class.
  • Click here for step-by-step directions to setup your grade book.

Figure 1: New gradebook setup features

Gradebook Class Data

Class data is now easily visible from the grade book including the class average, the total number of students and number of assignments.

Figure 2: Gradebook class data

Gradebook Visual Indicators

  • Previously, a small red triangle alert icon appeared in the grade book which teachers had to select to see assignment details.
  • With this release, new visual indicators help teachers find information faster. These include icons and corresponding keyboard shortcuts which can be added to a student’s grade to represent various statuses (such as work that’s missing, late, or incomplete). Comments can also be added.
  • Click or hover on the 3 dots to select these icons manually or use a keyboard shortcut.

Figure 3: Gradebook icon key

Gradebook Student Details

From the student view option in the grade book, click the 3 dots icon to the left of any student’s name to access the student’s visual grade book summary, compose Official Notes, or view the student learning profile.

Figure 4: Individual student grade options


Figure 5: Student visual grade book summary

Gradebook bulk add Assignment Comments and Points

  • Click the 3 dots icon under an assignment name to access four assignment options.

    Figure 6: Assignment Options

  • Workflow is improved with the new add grades or comments in bulk feature – choose all or pick certain students.
  • The new performance summary shows a statistical breakdown for the assignment, including the mean, median, mode, and highest-lowest scores.

    Figure 7: Assignment statistics

Gradebook Display Options

  • Click Display Options for sort and display choices. 
  • Sort options include more choices.
  • The full assignment title can now be displayed in the column header.

Figure 8: Grade book display options

New Options in the Student View of the Assignment Center

  • The assignment center Status column shows if the teacher has marked the assignment graded, missing, incomplete, late, or exempt.
  • A new column called Available Action includes steps a student can take on an assignment such as Submit, Take, and Change Status.

Figure 9: Student Assignment Center options.

Upload a Rubric to an Assignment

Not available currently. For assignments that use the new rubric functionality, teachers now have the option of evaluating the assignment right from the grade book, without needing to backtrack to the assignment directly. Once the evaluation is finished, you can then commit and publish the grades just like you would from the assignment rubric.

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