In August, onCampus (MyGPS) released a new Rubrics feature for assignments. One great feature is that graded rubrics will be visible to students and/or parents in grade books that are not open.  Also, rubrics can be returned to students one by one or all at once.

Rubrics can also be added to any MyGPS Turnitin assignment, click here for information and instructions. Turnitin is not just a plagiarism check, it has a wonderful assignment annotator including a 3-minute voice memo for multi-media assignment grading.


  1. General Rubric Information
  2. Student and Parent Views
  3. Create a Rubric
  4. Add To My Rubrics
  5. Grade with a Rubric
  6. Copy/Print Rubrics
  7. Rubric Import Rules
Good overview video. Note: onCampus is the brand name for MyGPS.

General Rubric Information

Student and Parent Views

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