MyGPS Getting Started: Discussion Board provides step-by-step instructions for creating new discussions in a course section. Teachers can also import discussions that they (or other teachers) previously created.

Click the link below to view or download the Google Doc:

MyGPS: Getting Started with the Discussion Board

Add a graded discussion

  1. Login to MyGPS, choose a class, click on +Discussion.
  2. Unusual settings
    • Determine if students can see the responses at all times or only after they have submitted their own response.
    • Determine if students can add their own files and embeds to their responses.
    • The teacher can attach links, downloads, and/or embeds to the discussion (this is similar to add media to assessment questions). A Flipgrid, Padlet, or other web-based activity can be embedded.

View Discussion Responses

  • In the class assignments, click on the blue name of the discussion to view the discussion detail page; all responses from all students can be viewed. (the total number of responses appears at the top of the page).
  • If the discussion has been added to the Grade Book, teachers can also view the average grade and the total number of students who have been graded.

Manage Discussion Responses

  • In the discussion detail page, click Add Response to respond to the original post or to an individual student.
  • Click on the trash to delete a response or click on the eye icon to hide a response (click on the eye icon again to unhide a response).
  • Deleted responses cannot be seen by teachers or students; hidden responses cannot be seen by students but can be seen by teachers.
  • In the class roster list, click on a student’s name to view all of his/her responses, hide his/her responses, delete his/her responses, and add responses.

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