Create a Google shared folder for your students. Click here for directions.

Students move video into the shared Google Drive folder.

  • create videos in an app. Save to Photos app.
  • From Photos, tap the share button, then tap Drive.
  • In the window that opens, tap Upload. The video will upload to the student’s drive account.
  • Drag and drop the video into the shared folder.

Teacher opens videos in Explain Everything to make comments

  • Open Explain Everything and click + sign to begin a new project
  • On the toolbar tap + sign > tap File > tap Google Drive > open the shared folder and tap a video. The video will have a blue circle on it to mark the progress of the download.
  • When the download is complete, tap Import (top right).
  • In Explain Everything, the video can be resized by the corners so you have room to write.
  • In order to record comments
    • Tap the recorder at the bottom and select Recording mode = Mix
    • Tap the red button to start recording in Explain Everything and Tap the video arrow to start playing it while recording
    • Use the toolbar to add writing/typing/voice as you watch the video.
    • Stop the recorder when done.
    • Click playback to see and hear your comments.

Send recording back to student

  • Click the Share arrow bottom right.
  • Rename the video something like student name and “graded.” Tap OK. A “share” window will open.
  • Be sure Video is selected and tap Google Drive. Select your shared folder. Tap Export.

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