Workflow overview (detailed below)

  1. The teacher creates an assignment and allows onCampus (MyGPS) submissions.
  2. Students open the assignment in MyGPS and download any attachments. Completed assignments are saved in Google Drive or the Photos app.
  3. Students return to MyGPS, click on the assignment name, and submit their assignment by attaching it from Google Drive or the Photos app.
  4. Teacher returns to MyGPS, clicks on the assignment, clicks a student name, and clicks Annotate next to the submission. Teacher annotates student work, as a ign grade on the paper, and adds a grade in the grade box.
  5. Student returns to MyGPS, clicks on the assignment, and views the graded assignment.

Teacher: assignment creation allowing submissions

When creating an assignment, allow File submission by clicking the onCampus submission button and choose the number of files students may attach.

Students: Completing assignments with attachments

  1. Students open the assignment in MyGPS. Tap on a download added by the teacher, and it will open in a new tab in Safari.
  2. Tap the Share icon  to open in the appropriate app for the download. Copy to Notability to read directions or write or type on a PDF or worksheet. Tap Photos to save a photo, and use Google Drive to open Google files, etc.
  3. Save your assignment
    1. Notability: click the Share icon  , Tap Google Drive, Choose a folder (if you wish – tap Export to folder name at the bottom), tap Send to Google Drive.

Students: Turn in completed assignments saved to Google Drive

  1. Before saving your assignment, be sure you have setup your GPS Google Drive account. In MyGPS, click the Google Drive button to the left of Official Notes. This establishes your Google Drive account.
  2. Now open your Google Drive app (available from Self Service). Tap the 3-lines icon on the top left, and be sure you are signed into your GPS account (your name) and your GPS password. Now you are ready to store your completed work in Google Drive.
  3. Login to MyGPS. Click on the course, then assignments. Click on the blue assignment name to open the Assignment Detail page.
  4. Tap the Attach Files button. Tap the Google Drive button. Choose your Drive account name. Enter your password.
  5. In the Select a file window, tap the file you wish to upload. Tap Select. When the Attach button is blue (not grayed out), tap Attach. Now you should see the file name as an attached file.
  6. Type a note to your teacher with your name, and tap Submit Assignment. Tap OK. Your assignment status will now be Completed (green). Tap the back button to return to your assignment page.

Turn in completed assignments saved to Photos app

Turn in completed assignments saved to other apps

Teacher: grading submitted assignments

  1. Login to MyGPS, open the class and the assignment tab. Tap on the blue assignment name.
  2. Tap on the student’s name on the left. Tap Annotate on the right next to the student’s assignment. Scroll down to see the assignment.
  3. iPad: Tap the + sign to add a comment – only commenting available on the iPad.
  4. Laptop: Tap the + sign to open the annotation tools 
  5. Be sure to use a text box or the pencil to write the grade on the student’s work, as they do not see the grade entered in the grade box.
  6. Enter a grade in the grade box, which will add it to your grade book.
  7. No saving is necessary. Continue with the next student.

Student: Check graded work

Click on the blue name of the assignment to open the Assignment Detail page.

Tap or click the View button next to the submitted assignment. This will show your teacher’s comments and the grade for the assignment.


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