At GPS we do not have printers that will print poster size – posters must be printed at a print shop or ordered online.

An alternative is to print your poster using

  1. Your image must be a JPEG.
    1. To change a PDF or PNG to JPEG, Double click your PDF or PNG and it will open in Preview on a Mac.  If Adobe is your default document/photo viewer, simply open Preview and from the menu click File > Open > browse to your document/photo.
    2. In the Preview menu click File > Export. Change the Format to JPEG. Click Save.
  2. Go to
    1. Click the green Upload your Image box. Browse to your saved JPEG image.
    2. Scroll down to see the screen pictured below.
    3. Choose your options. Borderless is more complex – trimming off the borders might be an easier option.
    4. Click the green Create My Poster button.
    5. Your poster downloads as a PDF. The first page is a summary and the rest is your poster in page-sized blocks.
    6. At the copy machine be sure to choose Simplex (single-sided)!
    7. Trim the borders and tape your poster together from the back.

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