MyGPS is the software that contains our school’s website (onMessage), Learning Management System, LMS, (onCampus), SIS (onRecord) and EMS (onBoard). All parent, faculty, student, alum, and coach records are stored in the Core database.

This article provides an overview of MyGPS. The Getting Started with MyGPS series is the best way to learn all the details. Click this link for a list of articles.

Accessing MyGPS

  • Access MyGPS by typing in your browser address bar (Safari, Chrome, or Firefox).
  • Your GPS employee username is your email without the, and the password should match your email password (parent login instructions here).
  • MyGPS is accessible anywhere you have internet and auto-formats to fit any device.
  • Add MyGPS to your homepage on your phone – directions click here.


Allows you switch between MyGPS modules.

Your Profile

  • Select the drop-down next to your name to access your Profile. Edit personal info by clicking the pencil icon.
  • Settings: Select Settings, then Notifications to set up Notifications.
  • Impersonate User (lets MyGPS managers impersonate a student, parent, teacher, etc.).

Messages, Official Notes, and Google Drive

  • Messages
    • The messages button shows a count of your new messages. Click to access messages.
    • Messages are never deleted. Select the message to read it and select the Archive icon on the upper right to move it to the Archived folder. Refreshing your browser will reset the messages count.
    • Compose a New Message but use with CAUTION with groups. The Reply is REPLY ALL at this time. Outlook email is the preferred method with large groups.
    • To send group messages from a MyGPS email, click here for directions.
  • Official Notes are sent by academic offices for the following:
  • Google Drive: Click the Google Drive button to set up your GPS Google Drive account. Click here for directions.


  • Select MyDay, then the Schedule & Performace tab to show your class schedule (nothing personal can be added to it), notes in the blue box about the day, Edit Attendance button, conduct infractions, and grading notices.
  • Scroll down for Find Me Now, Reports, and Lists.


The Groups tab shows a list of your Community Groups. Each contains a Bulletin Board, Topics and a Roster. Teachers will have a Classes tab with these same features.


This is where all the Faculty Resources live. It includes everything from Faculty & Staff to Textbooks and from HR to the Lunch Menu.


  • The calendar is divided into 2 parts in the left column, My Calendar and School Calendar. Check and uncheck boxes to filter the calendar. Sort by day, week, and month and choose grid or list view.
  • Only certain calendar managers can add to the calendar.
  • Directions are available on how to subscribe to a GPS calendar feed (for instance, your schedule or faculty events) on your personal Outlook or Apple calendar here.



  • Directories are setup for different roles. The various set ups include Faculty to Faculty, Faculty to Student, Faculty to Parent, Student to Student, Student to Parent, Student to Faculty, Parent to Student, Parent to Faculty, Parent to Parent.
  • The Communications Office and the Assistant Heads of School have determined the settings for these various groups.
  • Each search result has an Options button. Select the Contact Card to view Schedule.


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