Apple released iOS 11, its newest operating system for iPad and iPhone, on September 19. Below are the top iOS 11 features important for students and teachers.

  1. Control Center redesign
  2. An extended iPad Dock with multitasking functionality
  3. A new Files app similar to Finder on a Mac laptop
  4. Finally! In iOS 11, you can create a screen recording and capture sound on your iPhone and iPad.
  5. Drag and Drop capability
  6. A more efficient QuickType keyboard
  7. QR Code reader built into the camera

For all the new features in detail, click on this link from Apple, and a list of features is here.

1.  Control Center

  • Swipe up to open the Control Center. All the Control Center icons are in one place; tap and hold to turn on/off or make adjustments. To add apps to the control center, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.
  • App Switcher: Recently used apps can easily be opened or swiped up to close.

2.  iPad Dock

  • The iPad dock, like that of a Mac, is available on any screen. Tap, hold, and drag up to 13 apps to the left side of the dock. The right side shows your recently used apps, including those currently open on your Mac or iPhone. The dock is available from any screen.
  • Multi-task:
    • With one app already open, swipe up from the bottom to reveal the dock. Open a second app by swiping up on any app in the dock for Slide Over view. Move the  app to the left or right side of the screen with a right or left swipe.
    • A swipe from the top of the second app will place the apps in Split View. Adjust with the center divider. Switch the apps to the left or right side of the screen with a right or left swipe.
    • Both apps remain active in Slide Over or Split View.

3.  Files App

  • The new Files app  gives access to all your files in one place, including recent files.
  • Files include those on your iPad, in apps, in iCloud Drive, and on Google Drive.

4. Create a screen recording and capture sound

Directions (adapted) from Apple Support

  1. Add the Screen Recording feature to your Control Center. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap  next to Screen Recording.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center.
  3. Tap  and wait for the three-second countdown. To capture sound while you record, press deeply on  to see the recording controls. Tap Microphone Audio to toggle sound on or off.
  4. To stop recording, open Control Center and tap  or tap the red status bar at the top of your screen and tap Stop.
  5. Your screen recording will be located in the Photos app.

5.  Drag and Drop

With iOS 11, text, photos, and files can be moved from one app to another. According to Apple’s website,  “you can tap and move just about anything — or things — anywhere on the screen.”

  • Move text, images, and files between apps on iPad
  • Multi-Touch to move multiple items at the same time
  • Spring-loading to move content between apps
  • Click here for the details

6.  QuickType keyboard

There is no need to switch keyboards, although the option to switch is still available. Flick down on a key to type the gray symbol, punctuation, or number.

7.  QR Code reader

  • A QR Code reader is now built into the camera. Point your camera at a QR Code, and a preview of the associated website appears.
  • Tap the preview to open the website.

If you would like to know all the things, watch this video!

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