Google Hangouts Contents

  1. Invite People
  2. Hangout Settings
  3. Troubleshooting

1. Invite People

  • To send an invitation, go to Log in with your GPS Google account.
  • To start a hangout immediately
    • Click Video call. Type a name for the hangout. Click the blue arrow. This starts the hangout.
    • Click Invite People. Type in the email address of invitees. They will go to their email and click on the link to enter the video hangout.
    • The default is “Girls Preparatory School only meeting.” To invite someone outside of GPS, select the arrow next to Change and select Allow for guests outside of GPS.

2. Google Hangouts Settings

  • No other open windows on the MacMini or caller’s computer.
  • Hardwire both devices if possible.

3. Troubleshooting

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