Below are some quick tricks to use while editing Audacity tracks.

If you have not downloaded Audacity, need the Lame Encoder to save tracks as MP3, or want to learn to use Audacity, click here.

I can’t edit

If you are getting a circle with a line through it or editing isn’t working, make sure you pressed Stop rather than Pause.

How to split tracks

Click on the Selection tool   . Click inside the track to mark where you want to cut. On your keyboard press Command+I (Alternatively, click Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split). To move the tracks apart, click on the Time shift tool  , then click on either side of the split and move the tracks apart.

How to move tracks

To move a track, click on the Time shift tool, then click on the track and move it left or right.

How to add YouTube music or other sound effects

  1. Go to and search for music sound effects, applause, etc.
  2. After finding your sound effect, copy the URL (web address).
  3. Open a new browser tab and click on YouTube to MP3 converter. Paste the YouTube URL in the window and click the red Convert button. A new window will open with a green box “Your file was successfully converted”. Click the green Download button.
  4. Open Finder, click Downloads on the left and drag your downloaded file into Audacity. It will create a sound effect track underneath your original track.
  5. Move your tracks so that the sound effect is placed where you want it. Trim the sound effect as needed. Use fade in and out (below) if desired.

How to fade in and out

Introductory music should fade out before speaking voices begin. Alternatively, music or applause can gradually build at the end of a speaking track.

  1. To fade out (or in), use the Selection tool  to click and drag to select the portion of the track to fade.
  2. Click on the Effect menu and choose Fade Out or Fade In (or try Crossfade).
  3. Overlap your tracks slightly if desired.

How to continue recording after stopping

If you click record again, the recording will begin at the end of your last track.

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