Why do my 8th and 10th graders have different MacBook Air warranties? #001

The MacBook Air warranty is adjusted to your benefit depending on your daughter’s grade at the time of purchase.

In order to provide more value, we have added an additional year of warranty coverage to the MacBook Air. This warranty, provided through the school, is for 4-years or until your daughter graduates from GPS (whichever is earlier). All the repairs due to manufacturer’s defects will be handled directly by the certified technicians at GPS. The 3 years of accidental damage insurance remains the same ($100 deductible per incident).


Can I put a time limit on my child’s iPad use at home? #002

There is not a time limit setting that comes installed on the iPad by default, but parents can install an app called Curbi to add functionality such as time limit profiles for bedtime and study, specific website blocking, and restrictions. These will remain in place while your daughter is at home. This functionality costs $6.99 per month at the time of writing, and a 14-day free trial is available. For more information on Curbi, please click here for the IT Support article.

Additional parental controls can be added using Restrictions, which can be enabled in iPad settings. Apple has a great knowledge base article on iOS 8 restriction settings, which you can find here.


How do I turn off email conversations in Outlook for Mac? #003

Conversations group emails according to a threaded conversation, which can make it difficult to notice new emails. The solution is to change the email arrangement to “Date Sent” rather than “Conversations.”

In Outlook 2016, click on the View menu > Arrange By > Date Sent.

In Outlook 2014, select the Organize tab > click on the Arrange By icon down arrow > Choose Date Received.

Please click here for complete instructions with screen shots.

My daughter has a new MacBook Pro. Will this suffice? #004

All 8th through 12th grade students at GPS are required to have a laptop.

Purchasing a laptop through the school is highly recommended; however, if you own a recent-model MacBook (within the last 3 years), you may use it. Bear in mind that support for non-GPS laptops will be limited to network/server folder access and printing.

The process of enrolling a Mac in our network takes about 15 minutes. Please feel free to stop by any time this summer. Our office is located in the library and we are open from 7:45 am to 4 pm.

Advantages of purchasing through GPS

  • A parent purchasing a MacBook Air (13-inch, 256GB Flash drive, 8GB of RAM) with three (3) years of AppleCare and three (3) years of accidental damage insurance on their own will pay at least $1815 out of pocket.
  • A parent purchasing the same Macbook Air, three (3) years of warranty and accidental damage insurance will pay $1465 if purchased from GPS.
  • MacBook Air laptops purchased through GPS are eligible for elevated support with Apple’s Education division handled through the IT department. This level of support is not available for retail purchased laptops.

My daughter ran out of iCloud storage #005

We recommend upgrading your iCloud storage to 20 GB ($0.99 per month) so that the iPad can back up all apps, books, and photos.

To upgrade storage

Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage, then tap Change Storage Plan.

To turn on iCloud backup

Go to Settings > iCloud > Backup> slide iCloud backup to On (green). The iPad will automatically backup when the iPad is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi. Also you can tap Back Up Now.

Need more information? Click here for an iCloud article from Apple.

Can my daughters share books and apps? #006

Yes, with Family Sharing they can have individual Apple IDs (recommended) but still share apps, music, and books.

“Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six people in your family to share each other’s iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases without sharing accounts. Pay for family purchases with the same credit card and approve kids’ spending right from a parent’s device. And share photos, a family calendar, and more to help keep everyone connected.”

Click on the link to get started with Family Sharing.